Lauren Conrad Book Signing For "Celebrate"
Credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Lifestyle blogger and former The Hills star Lauren Conrad announced her forthcoming baby on January 1st with a sonogram, and her latest blog post might mean that her maybe Lauren Conrad’s picking baby names. The post is a list of the site’s “top ten favorite baby names,” so they could just be general favorites, but more than likely one will end up the name of Conrad’s child, since her lifestyle brand is so connected to her actual life.

As to be expected, the names feel very hip and Hollywood. Like “Hazel,” in honor of The Fault in Our Stars heroine or “Sailor,” not like the anime character, but because it “reflects living near a body of water.” The last name is “Rowan,” which is unisex, but Team LC “loves it for a little boy.” Other options include River, Jasper, Charlotte, Jackson, Sienna, Carter, and Elle, which are all just perfect for a sweet little baby.

Whatever name she decides on will for sure be perfect.