Credit: Instagram

In case you missed it, Blake Lively has fantastic taste in art. Her latest piece is thoughtful, historically relevant, and strikingly different from the Willy Wonka art which also hangs in her home (can we visit someday? Please and thank you!). Okay, you ready?

This portrait of Teddy Roosevelt is by an artist named Ashley Longshore, whose colorful art is inspired by pop culture. Whether she’s painting a bejeweled butterfly hairpiece, a New Yorker magazine cover, or a former American president, there’s a unique playfulness and vibrancy to her work.

That’s pretty freaking inspiring (and aesthetically pleasing). From the purple mustache to the green tie and yellow glasses…we just adore everything that’s happening here.

P.S. – does anyone else think he kind of looks like Ron Swanson?

That’s a compliment! HUZAAH FOR POP CULTURE!

And oh hey, it seems like Blake is buddies with the artist, making this all the more special.

Check out some more of Longshore’s art (remember that the gifting season is upon us), and have a happy Tuesday!