We love cake. We love fried chicken. And as if we didn’t already love Chance the Rapper, his fried chicken birthday cake is just one more reason to want to be his BFF. For his 24th birthday party at Chicago’s Studio Paris Nightclub, Chance had a three tiered cake with cascading chicken wings and french fries. It was done by Adam Moro, who used Chance’s favorite meal from Harold’s Chicken Shack in Chicago as inspiration — complete with a Strawberry-Kiwi Mistic and hot sauce.

Any Chance the Rapper fan knows that it’s his go-to spot. He’s rapped about the chicken and the soft drink on both Acid Rap and Coloring Book. Harold’s is mentioned in “Everything’s Good” and “Summer Friends,” while the Strawberry-Kiwi Mistic got a solo shout out on “Smoke Again.”

Take note: if you want to impress Chance the Rapper, bring him some Harold’s and a Strawberry-Kiwi Mystic. Or a Cherry Lime Sweet Tea). It’s kind of adorable how much he loves them.

The fancy Harold’s Chicken cake was sort of symbolic. Billboard reported that three years ago, when Chance wasn’t a household name yet, he had a birthday party at his northside apartment, with a family style spread of, you guessed it, Harold’s Chicken Shack for his guests. An attendee said of the party, “Back then, we were listening to Kanye West, and today [Chance the Rapper is] several collaborations in with our hero, Yeezy’s number at the ready on speed dial.”

Kanye West wasn’t there because it was Easter and he had to be the bunny, but Ludacris and T-Pain were there for the cake (and a mini performance). There were sparklers at midnight and waitress in brown overalls and “3” hats.

But it wasn’t all for show. The party, which was dubbed “Chance The Birthday,” raised over $100,000 for SocialWorks, Chance’s charity that supports Chicago public schools. At 24, Chance the Rapper is killing it — and he has the fried chicken cake to prove it.