Karen Belz
Updated Dec 13, 2016 @ 7:40 am
Credit: Netflix

We have a great reason to look forward to 2017 — Stranger Things will be debuting their second season on Netflix. It’s no secret that Season 1 was amazing, which is why the video of the Stranger Things cast reacting to their Golden Globe nomination is so adorable. For these talented kids who don’t (yet) have a big resume, the moment is so sincere and honest.

Netflix and Amazon shows reportedly earned 40% of the total nominations this year, which is a huge deal. It proves that the two streaming services continuously offer outstanding programs that cable is having a hard time competing with.

Stranger Things was nominated for Best Drama — here’s what the cast thought about that:

The fact that they were all listening in together? Super, super sweet. The only thing that could have made it better was if Eleven joined them, but we’re guessing that Millie Bobby Brown was off celebrating elsewhere.

Speaking of Brown, while Winona Ryder snagged a well-deserved nomination, it’s a shame that Brown didn’t get any sort of recognition — her role was pretty daring, and definitely memorable. While it doesn’t seem like she’ll have as big of a role in Season 2, perhaps next year will definitely be her year. false

While a set release date has yet to be announced, fans are expected the series to hit Netflix in the summer. As for the Golden Globes, they’ll be airing on January 8th. Both of them will be well worth the wait.