Karen Belz
January 31, 2017 10:33 am
Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Out of all of the Saved By The Bell alum, it’s safe to say that Mario Lopez — otherwise known as A.C. Slater — is probably the most visible. In fact, you might not even remember there was a time when Mark McGrath hosted Extra. While Lopez has been with the celebrity gossip show since 2008, it’s almost like he’s been there forever.

Lopez proved to be a great fit. After all, the actor has been nothing but charismatic since we met him back in the very late ’80s, when his role of A.C. Slater made us wonder whether or not we preferred jocks or “preppies.”

Charisma aside, Lopez has also constantly demonstrated a certain style of dance throughout the years that we absolutely love.

 We wouldn’t want to compete against him in a dance competition (unless we wanted to lose) but we also can’t help but giggle. Saved By The Bell had him dancing a lot. And being the nostalgic people that we are, that’s why we adore this clip from The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Appearing the other day, Lopez played a game called “Last Dance” with a very lucky audience member.

Watch and see for yourself. He’s channeling Slater throughout the entire competition, and we love it.

Moves like “The Running Man” and “Single Ladies” definitely take us back!

In fact, we’re suddenly in the mood to rewatch all of the old sitcom episodes that featured Lopez’s serious footwork. We have so many to choose from — “Dancing to the Max” for a group dance, or perhaps “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” for some Slater-themed ballet.


(Having him get the “ballet” category in the clip above reminded us that Lopez has totally pulled those moves before!)

We want to give Ellen DeGeneres a round of applause for concocting this wonderful segment. When the news gets a little heavy, watching Mario Lopez bust a move definitely helps brighten our day.