Karen Belz
Updated Jan 04, 2017 @ 6:05 am
Credit: Vanity Fair / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kF0kTn5qZso

We figured that it’d be Nick Offerman starring in this video, but hey — we’ll take it. Vanity Fair just posted a video of Chris Pratt cleaning and gutting a fish, and it’s almost mesmerizing. Pratt, surprisingly, isn’t new to fishing — in fact, he’s taken his son, Jack, out to fish a few times. Also, Pratt notoriously got yelled at for fishing on the set of The Magnificent Seven. (Surely he was forgiven — he’s Chris Pratt, and he oozes charm.)

While Pratt often releases the fish after catching, this time he decided to show both Vanity Fair and all of his fans the ins and outs of the bass first.

Here’s the whole video. Yes, of course Pratt makes it funny.

Even those who might feel a bit squeamish have nothing to fear with this video. Pratt makes sure to use all of the fish, even the “fish hands.”

We might not know how Pratt totally worked the cheek meat, but we still believe that yes — he knows what he’s doing. And the fact that he can show off these impressive skills while continuously making us laugh is a skill that we wish everyone had.

We’d love to go fishing with Chris Pratt some day — and thanks to this video, we feel like we at least know the very basics of how to make the most out of what we catch.