Karen Belz
Updated Feb 02, 2017 @ 10:31 am
Credit: TBS

Well, if there’s a better way to promote Fifty Shades Darker, we simply don’t know what it is. Actor Jamie Dornan appeared on Conan the other night and showed off some of his key fitness moves. Because — well — when you’re the face of Christian Grey, obviously you want to be in really good shape.

Dornan explained that the team behind the film didn’t want to show that Christian was in shape by simply having him lift weights — after all, that seems a little bit cliché. When you’re a guy like Christian Grey, you’ve got to put a creative and personalized spin on almost everything.

While filming, the crew decided to shoot something that Dornan actually considers to be a “party trick.” It’s a workout that involves a pommel horse, which gymnastics fans are probably familiar of.

While Conan didn’t have a pommel horse handy (at least, he didn’t that night) he did have his desk. Watch as Dornan tries his hardest to recreate this “trick.”

Wow. Ahem.

First, we want to applaud Dornan, since that move obviously takes a lot out of someone.

Second, uh. Just look at Conan’s face.

Credit: TBS

We figure he’s seen a lot of things during his many years hosting late night television, so that legitimate shock and awe definitely means something.

We also believe that Dornan was serious when he said that the stunt might “break his face.” It looks incredibly challenging. We’re pretty glad he decided to take the risk, even if Andy Richter did decide to flee on those medical bills. While he did walk away with a pulled pec, it’s probably worth it in the long run.

We can’t wait to see the pommel horse scene in action! Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters on February 10th.