Karen Belz
Updated January 16, 2017 5:33 am
CBS / YouTube

Until this moment, we only had Joey Tribbiani from Friends to look upon when thinking of someone wearing all the clothes. But unlike Joey, James Corden and Vine star Cameron Dallas didn’t perform any lunges when they tried to conquer a two-minute clothes challenge for a special exclusive video.

Dallas, a 22-year-old who has racked up 9.75 million Twitter followers alone, has taken his internet career to the big leagues, by starring in films like Expelled and The Outfield. But, nothing will be bigger than this moment with Corden, for sure. Besides his Netflix series Chasing Cameron. But, uh — this is a very close second.

The rules are simple — put on as many clothes as you can in two minutes. Watch and see how Corden and Dallas do.

While Dallas seemed to have quite the lead going throughout the entirety of the competition, Corden was right in the beginning, when he stated that he “had more body to cover.” Is it possible that the game was skewed in Dallas’s favor? Corden definitely thought so.

CBS / YouTube

But, it seems like the two definitely made up at the end of it. We always like a happy ending to a story.

And speaking of story, you might want to catch Chasing Cameron, which tells the story of Dallas’s road to stardom. It debuted on Netflix on December 27th, and includes ten half-hour episodes.