Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Dec 05, 2016 @ 4:03 pm
Credit: Noel Vasquez/GC Images

We’ve always had a soft spot for Steven Yeun (aka Glenn from The Walking Dead), and so we are wishing him all the congrats on his recent nuptials. TWD alum married girlfriend Joana Pak this past weekend, and the whole thing was lovely on many levels. Obviously, it’s adorable because it’s a wedding (duh), but it’s even cuter because Steven Yeun’s The Walking Dead co-stars came to see him tie the knot, including Andrew Lincoln and Sarah Wayne Callies. Aww.

We’re like, a wee bit jealous, but mostly just honored to see these few sneak peeks into Steven Yeun’s wedding with his girlfriend. Joana Pak seems cool AF, and between their ridiculously edgy Insta feeds, they’re actually our #RelationshipGoals.

Like any modern couple, the newlyweds were featured on wedding attendee’s Instagram accounts. Pak’s new sister-in-law Kayce shared a photo of the stunning pair, and we’re so warm and fuzzy!

She captioned the candid shot, saying,

We just have so much love for this couple. We’re just so happy that he could be surrounded by co-stars at his wedding. It’s so sweet!

Co-star Sarah Wayne Callies shared a photo of her own with fellow The Walking Dead actor Andrew Lincoln’s wife, Gael Anderson.

What an amazing The Walking Dead reunion! We wish we’d been there.

Plus, we’re totally digging this adorable shot Steven Yeun posted of his wife on their wedding day.

Because true love means silly faces and relaxed clothes and being loved *just* as you are.