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Unfortunately, nobody is immune to bullying — and talented goddess Viola Davis is no exception. We’ve spoken before about how she found strength in superheroes like Wonder Woman when bullied growing up, and it turns out, the story only gets better.

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In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Davis got real about the method she’s using to keep track of those who bullied her in the schoolyard — and we support/relate to this endeavor 100%!

Here’s how it went down. Kimmel asked if she ever runs into her former bullies, and Davis admitted that she uses a certain social media platform to see what they’re up to.

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LOL FOREVER. But also, SHE IS US! Davis even forlornly mentioned how one of her former bullies, “Has a boat,” so is clearly doing better than she hoped.

We should note she’s smiling and laughing through the entire interview — even as she recalls once bringing a crochet needle to school in the third grade to intimidate another kid (everyone was fine. No crochet-related injuries were had).

We seriously love that she has such a sense of humor about this, and has no qualms being totally open about how much she FB stalks.

Take a look at the whole clip here, and prepare to feel less alone in the world: