Brittany Malooly
Updated September 25, 2017 12:58 pm

If you’re like us, then October basically means one thing: Halloween costumes. Oh, and also, celebrity Halloween costumes. Which is why we were beyond stoked to discover that our favorite girl Vanessa Hudgens plans to wear latex this Halloween. Because, well, latex SLAYS.

And this of course begs the question: What is Hudgens going to be?

UM, WE LOVE! Seriously, this has the potential to be epic. Also, here’s that latex dress she wore about a month ago:

Fireeee. We’re sure she’s going to look amazing as Catwoman.

Interestingly enough, the So You Think You Can Dance judge’s costume doesn’t actually fit into the theme of her party, which is American Horror Show: Freak Show. Why, then, did she choose AHS for the party?

Last year, the actress went the scary route. Well, sort of. She was a skeleton with black latex pants. The girl really loves latex. Respect.

We can’t wait to see how her costume turns out. Now, how do we get an invite to this party?