Credit: Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler are vacationing in Italy, and based on the (many) pictures they’ve been posting on Instagram, they’re having the dreamiest time ever. The couple has been going on hikes with stunning views, indulging in champagne, taking luxury yacht rides and road tripping through the quaint streets of Tuscany.

It’s seriously an ethereal dream.

So because we’re moderately to severely obsessed with their vacation, we’re going to share some of their photos with you. That way you can be obsessed right along with us. You’re welcome.

This hike:

This view:

We can’t stop living vicariously through their journey:

But do you blame us?

A Tuscan road trip, starring holy jeans and Chuck Taylors:

Pure gorgeous-ness:

Firenze, AKA Florence:

Hudgens’ dresses match the scenery:

A whole lot of YES:

And now we’re questioning our life choices that haven’t lead us to Italy:

**swoons forever**