Credit: Vanessa Hudgens /

If you didn’t know this already, it’s a verified fact that Vanessa Hudgens is totally obsessed with Halloween. As soon as October hit, her Instagram feed began to fill with primarily black-and-white photos and memes of classic Halloween characters like Wednesday Addams and Beetlejuice. She’s been hitting up all of the Halloween-themed events and activities in and around Los Angeles, like Universal Studio’s Horror Nights, and even took a trip to New Orleans, one of America’s most haunted cities.

She even created her own hashtag, #VSHalloweenCountdown, to celebrate in true millennial style. And we’re absolutely loving it.

She kicked off her countdown with this perfect GIF:

The caption reads: “Sending out Halloween party invitations liiiike….”

She and boyfriend Austin Butler looked adorable attending Knotts Scary Farm’s opening:

She wrote: “I like him. He likes me.” Could they be any cuter?

She took a haunt-filled trip to New Orleans to celebrate:

Lookin’ witchy and we love it.

She reminded us of one of our fav queens of darkness:

She fittingly captioned it: “HAPPY WEDNESDAY (ADDAMS)🔮 #WCW #blackmagicwoman #VsHalloweenCountdown”

She and her squad braved one of Universal Studio’s Horror Nights:

We wish we looked that good while being terrified out of our minds.

She shared this hilariously appropriate meme:

She wrote: “How I feel all of October. 🎃💀🔮 Where’s the Witch emoji? #VsHalloweenCountdown”

And she shared this polaroid snap of her and Austin’s costumes last year:

We wonder what they’ll be this year??

We love that Vanessa is so obsessed with Halloween, and it makes us want to step up the spook factor in our lives, too. Only 11 days left to go!