Karen Belz
January 31, 2017 6:21 am

In case you forgot that she has the voice of an angel, Vanessa Hudgens sang the Friends theme song alongside Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon last night — and it truly left us speechless. While we will always dig “I’ll Be There For You,” sang originally by The Rembrandts, the spin that Hudgens and Fallon put on the song is like nothing we’ve heard before.

Hudgens has been singing for quite some time. We were first introduced to her thanks to High School Musical, which came out over a decade ago. From there, she recorded two albums, the last being released in 2008. So, it should go without saying that it’s wonderful to hear her sing yet again.

Watch for yourself, and prepare to be impressed:

We just wish that they were able to cover the song in its entirety — since we’d totally pay the money to be able to add it to our playlists.

Hudgens sang the song to pay homage to Thursday night television on NBC. Back in the day, “Must See TV Thursday” was something you had to watch live (since, well, nobody had a DVR yet. Remember, this was the ’90s. That technology was right in the midst of being invented.)

Having her brand new show, Powerless, debut on Thursday is a pretty big deal. Premiering this week at 8:30 PM, she truly landed a prime spot for solid programming.

The show, to sum it up, is about superheroes who live in the town next to Gotham City — the less popular Charm City. Critics are already praising the show for having a sense of humor, which many superhero-themed shows and movies often lack.

We’re so happy to see Vanessa Hudgens back on screen! And being in the very first sitcom that DC Comics created is definitely quite an honor.