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Apparently, all those rumors about Val Kilmer having oral cancer may be just that: rumors! Kilmer recently cleared the air with an update on his supposed cancer status yesterday. If you’ll remember, the cancer diagnosis topic was brought up in an interview with Michael Douglas. Douglas mentioned Kilmer had been “dealing with exactly what I had” leading all to believe the worst. Though, it appears Kilmer’s throat issues weren’t cancerous and while we’re breathing a sigh of relief, the Ghost of Darkness star penned an explanation on Facebook to clarify.

While we see cause for concern, it appears the problems have been fixed. In fact, instead of battling major health probs, it seems he’s been really busy! He goes on to say,

If that isn’t enough to convince you, he continues, going further into why he hasn’t spoken much on the topic.

Friends look out for friends so we totally see Douglas’s place in all this this. However, Kilmer isn’t finished explaining just how well he’s doing!

He concluded with,

Regardless, we’re happy to hear Kilmer is cancer-free!