Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Aug 09, 2016 @ 10:53 am
Uzo Aduba
Credit: Jim Spellman / Getty Imagess

It’s probably impossible not to be madly in love with Uzo Aduba. She’s totally relatable, from her openness about her journey to self love to her totally sweet heart. We want nothing but the best for this talented and good-hearted star, so we were *thrilled* to see her on the September cover of Essence.

Credit: CBS / giphy.com

In her Instagram post, Uzo Aduba went in depth about what being the magazine’s cover star meant for her, and it was *so* moving.

“To say that I’m excited to share this cover of @essence does not ‘cover’ it. I am over the moon!” Aduba wrote. “This magazine has served as a beacon and mirror, bridging the many faces and varied stories surrounding us, fully completing the narrative of what accomplished women look like. Women I would find myself inspired and uplifted by, both as a girl and as a woman.”

“For me, Essence represents an avenue for dreaming and aspiration,” she wrote. “Thank you Essence for having me for this September Fashion Issue, for making me part of your ever graceful legacy, for all that you’ve encouraged out of me and countless others. It is truly an honor.”

The star has proven time and time again that she is more than just an actress: she is an incredible role model, she’s an incredible person, and she’s someone who continually reaches back and pulls up other girls and women. She knows her talent and way with words has the ability to inspire, and she uses that ability to make sure her advice leaves an impact. We just love her *so* much.

“And, to the girls reading, both big and small: I hope you always remain a dreamer. Continue to stay inspired, and know that you are worthy of anything that is possible in this life! Love and more love. xxoU”

Credit: TNT / giphy.com