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This story is absolutely perfect if you’re totally jonesing for the next season of Orange Is The New Black. Yesterday, Kelly Ripa’s guest list included Uzo Aduba, who posted an amazing throwback photo regarding her appearance the morning after it aired. As it turns out, this wasn’t Aduba’s first time in the studio. In fact, she was there to support her sister, Chioma Aduba, just a little less than a decade ago.

Chioma appeared on the show back when Regis was still a co-host, because she was the winner of the 2009 High Heel-a-Thon championship. The competition raised money for The Heart Truth program, which helps women who are battling heart disease.

Uh, anyone else want to call their sister right now and tell her she’s loved?

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It’s no surprise that Uzo and Chioma have quite the tight bond. When Uzo won an Emmy award for Best Supporting Actress, she made sure that Chioma was thanked.

Not only that, Chioma went to the event with her, and gave her a hug right after her name was called.

She was her date the year prior, as well.

We love sisterly bonding, and we wish we were part of the incredible Aduba family too!