Credit: The CW

Penn Badgley sure has changed a lot since his Gossip Girl days. Just like his former co-star Taylor Momsen, Lonely Boy has put a hold on his acting career to focus on his music. The John Tucker Must Die actor has been touring with his band Mothxr and recently made an appearance with his band at the Miami Art Basel’s Life of the Party event.

At the event, where the band performed tracks “Touch,” “She Can’t Tell,” and “Victim,” Badgley debuted a new look that is very un-Gossip Girl. Shedding his famous curls, Badgley’s now sporting some scruff and a platinum do.

Check out Badgley’s new look below:

The singer recently opened up to The Huffington Post about his foray into the music world. He told the site that it was always something he planned on doing. He said,

Fans may be shocked that Badgley’s put his acting on hold to focus on music, but Badgley says that it was always something he was planning on doing. He said,

Despite the fact that he’s moved on to an edgier career in the music biz, Badgley is very grateful for his acting career. He credits Gossip Girl and other opportunities presented to him as an actor with allowing him to pursue his new venture in music. He told The Huffington Post,

While we hope that he does return to acting at some point, we’re super excited to see where his music career takes him!