Olivia Jakiel
August 31, 2016 5:17 pm
Instagram/Trey Phillips

Laguna Beach is a show that defined a generation. It taught us how to say “Ste-PHEN!” in a super, over-dramatic tone. It showed us “the real O.C.” And it brought us The Hills, which brought us The City, Spencer and Heidi, and of course, Justin Bobby. But what everyone is overlooking here is that the original cast of Laguna Beach was cholk-full of hotties like fashion designer Trey Phillips, who in my honest opinion, was always the coolest and cutest one in the group.

And even though Trey is no longer roaming around the beach on his long board (as often), it looks like he’s adjusted well to that New York lifestyle because he’s actually a super suave bro now.

Look at this super suave Laguna Beach bro reunion!

Seriously, he’s always wearing suits and NO ONE is complaining!

Even with a Frenchie covering half his face, he’s all like, “Look how suave I am.”

I literally can’t stop swooning.

Just look at that cool guy vibe he’s exuding.


That’s it, the nail is in the coffin. I am literally dead.