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When it comes to dating advice, YAS, PLEASE, amirite?! Well, Trevor Noah just gave his best flirting advice, reported People, and it’s pretty surprising. Any guesses as to what it might be?! After all, different people flirt in different ways. For instance, some research has found that a man’s voice changes when he flirts with someone. So what does The Daily Show host advise?

Wait — whaaaaaat?! But he’s funny for a living!

Easy enough, yes?!

Plus, I’m sure we can all think of instances where the above happened and, thus, a love connection was NOT made!

Of course, Noah has a girlfriend, Jordyn Taylor. But he also got real with People Now about the struggle with dating and meeting women overall.

We know — it’s hard to believe that Noah’s felt insecure when it comes to dating. But, it just goes to show that’s he’s just like the rest of us…which makes him all the more real and likable. We can relate, Noah, trust us!

Aside from making us laugh each night, we’re now appreciative of Noah’s flirting advice, too. Now excuse us while we go try to meet people IRL without opening with a joke…