Madison Vanderberg
Updated Aug 23, 2017 @ 3:39 pm

Amber Rose is iconic, partly due to her blonde buzz cut. She’s rocked that look for a while and the hair has become so synonymous with her image that we did a double-take when we saw her with long brown hair.

Rose was seen out in Hollywood the other night sporting the long dark wavy wig. Rose joked that her new hair has given way to a new self.

“She’s Hollywood af,” she wrote in an Instagram caption to accompany a video of her new look.

If we didn’t see this on Rose’s Instagram, we would have thought this is a different person entirely. Up until recently, this has been Rose’s vibe.

So different, right?

Rose credits hair stylist Phillip Riian for her new look. He’s switched up her look before.

Rose revealed in an interview for Flirt Cosmetics why she shaved her head in the first place.

“I think that I’d definitely seen Sinead O’Connor’s ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ video,” Amber revealed in the interview. “I was inspired by her. And I grew up in Philly…Eve was really popular, and my friends said, ‘Please don’t do it, Amber, you’re gonna look crazy.’ And, of course, me being me, I rebelled against everyone and went straight down the middle at a barber shop. Fourteen years later, I still have it.”

We’re loving the switch-up, which Rose says is something she’d had on her mind.

“I never want my fans to be like, ‘Hey, you have to stay bald-headed Amber for the rest of your life.’ It’s unfair to me. I’m a girl. I love to experiment. I love to have fun. I miss having hair. It’s been 14 years.”

We love every iteration of your look, girl!