We anticipate that you’re itching to see this young actor take on the role of Peter Parker in Spider-man: Homecoming, because he has a track record of brilliant performances (aka Billy Elliot in London’s West End stage musical!). Now Tom Holland opens up about being bullied for dancing when he was a child, but with the success of his career, it’s abundantly clear that no bully anywhere is laughing at him now. His attitude toward doing things he loves is encouraging for all of us.

He went on to explain how he’s quite similar to [Peter] Parker in that he wasn’t the cool kid at school, but he found a group of friends and just “got on with it.” Of course it’s never easy to ignore people who are trying to make your high school life difficult; but maintaining focus, standing up for yourself, and knowing that the situation is temporary is a good way to go. Bullies are usually just insecure themselves.

He’s absolutely right, and we have confidence that the film is going to be awesome — in so small part because of Holland himself.

Apart from his ability to relate to the character, he’s got the Spidey moves down!

In the same interview, Holland revealed that the song that always makes him dance is Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” In lieu of a that (Tom, post a Smooth Criminal video ASAP!), here’s a throwback to him dancing with Zendaya and choreographer Deja Carter.

Feeling inspired to get up off your feet for a little Wednesday dance-off? Yup we thought so. Thanks for owning your love of dancing, Tom. You rock.