Credit: The Graham Norton Show

With the release of Spider-man: Homecoming fast approaching, Tom Holland is already finding a home in the hearts of Marvel fans across the world. He’s well-spoken, charitable, and is spot on with witty comebacks, just like his web-slinging counterpart.

Since discovering that he landed the role on Instagram, Holland continues to share stories about his life both on and off set. And, with a sequel in the works, it’s evident that Tom has been putting A LOT of work into his role as Peter Parker. This actor’s ongoing journey to stardom is one you should follow!

The Instagram incident isn’t the only one that Holland shares with us, either. Sometimes auditions can get a bit strange, too!

Stopping by The Graham Norton Show this week, Holland shared an amazing story of the audition he did for Andy Serkis:

Those ears are *pretty* convincing, right?

While there’s doubt that Tom Holland will be reprising a role in Little Red Riding Hood, his audition skill-set is remarkable. In fact, Holland attributes his success with Spider-man to his gymnastic abilities.

This clip from on set shows that Tom Holland has only honed his abilities, too! With great power comes great responsibility, and in Holland’s case, he’s definitely responsible for giving fans of Spider-man exactly what they want!

Catch Spider-man: Homecoming in theaters on July 7th! And hey, Universal is remaking all the old monster movies. Maybe he could be the Wolfman, too!