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If we got to go on a boat ride with the Obamas and Oprah, we’d be PRETTY excited. Well, Tom Hanks was excited to be on a boat with the Obamas and Oprah recently, reported People, and he seemed as happy (read: extremely thrilled) as we would be.

While Oprah had told People, “What happens on the boat, stays on the boat,” Hanks was more open talking about the voyage.

ICYMI, the French Polynesian yacht cruise not only had Hanks, Oprah, and Michelle and Barack Obama aboard, but also Bruce Springsteen. Nbd, right?!

On April 28th’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Hanks talked about the April 10th trip.

Btw, ICYMI, the “boat” was actually a 450-foot yacht named The Rising Sun, owned by none other than David Geffen, reported People. The voyage started off the coast of Tahiti, followed by lunch on Vanilla Island. They also made a stop at Le Taha’a Island before heading to Bora Bora.

The funniest part of Hanks’ story from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert?

Wh­en they all decided to ride bikes on shore. Hanks tells the story best, which you ~have to~ watch in the clip below. He said that while everyone got a nice bike to ride, he got stuck with “an undersized girl’s bike.”

Okay, we’re ~still~ laughing at Hanks’ retelling of the bike ride, and love his excitement about the trip overall. But one things’s for sure: It definitely sounds like spending the day on a yacht with Michelle and Barack Obama, Oprah, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Hanks is a goal to add to our #BucketList.