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When asked, most people would say that having children has changed their lives. The same goes for celebrities! Even tough as nails football player Tom Brady has a soft spot for his three-year-old daughter, Vivian Lake.

Just look at that smile! You can tell she’s stolen his heart!

Vivian Lake isn’t the only recipient of her father’s adoration, however. Brady is also father to two boys: Benjamin, 6 and Jack, 9. And, as one might guess, he hopes that he’ll see them play sports one day.

Although the future athleticism of his children is (obviously) unknown, one thing’s for certain: Tom Brady is one heck of a dad!

He is, of course, married to supermodel (and his biggest fan) Gisele Bundchen. Their marriage is basically the definition of our #relationshipgoals and we love everything about this adorable family.