Toria Sheffield
Updated Dec 30, 2016 @ 8:49 am
Credit: Ron Galella/Getty Images

This year — nay — just this week, has seen the loss of so many beloved talents, and it’s admittedly had us feeling pretty down. But Todd Fisher — Debbie Reynolds’ son — just posted a fan drawing of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher in heaven, and it is truly making us smile.

Todd, 58, was Carrie Fisher’s younger brother, and before his mother also passed he had shared this incredibly touching message via Twitter: “My sister has graduated to heaven, but she has left us all with so much of her. It is a very sad time for my family and all her friends.”

He had not made a public statement about the subsequent passing of his mother, but recently shared an artist’s rendering of Debbie and Carrie — which, well, kind of said it all.

The sketch, which featured the iconic words, “What a glorious feeling. I’m happy again,” from Reynolds’ film Singin’ in the Rain, was created by artist Ricky LaChance. He had no idea the sketch would be shared so many times, let alone be tweeted by Todd.

The unexpected success of the sketch is a testament to both LaChance’s art and to just how much the world adored this mother-daughter duo. We truly believe that if there is a heaven, Reynolds and Fisher are there right now — singing, and laughing, and making it a brighter place.