Marissa Higgins
September 21, 2016 12:32 pm
Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

When celebrities break up, it can feel like we’re actually mourning the loss of our relationships. That’s why so many people feel like they’re experiencing real heartbreak about Angelina’s and Brad’s divorce. In a funny way, the media can make us feel like we genuinely know celebrities. After all, we see them in our commercials, on our televisions, in our movies, and so on. Of course, in reality, celebrities are people too, and we’re not truly entitled to know the intimate details of their lives.

For fans of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, a couple who has been together for about a decade and is raising children together in the public eye, it can feel like their breakup is pretty darn devastating. Partially because we tend to model our own ideas about healthy relationship after what we see in others, including celebrities. These breakups can feel sad for us, too, because we all know how painful it is to go through love and loss, no matter how high-profile your relationship is.

Curious to see how other people are mourning the impending divorce between Angelina and Brad? Just check out some of these tweets below. And as a warning: You might find yourself wishing for some tissues.

Let’s all mourn this breakup together, friends.