Rachel Paige
December 07, 2016 5:25 pm
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

One of the truest, most perfect, and pure friendships in all of Hollywood might be the one between Tina Fey and Jon Hamm. Whenever you get sad, just think about the fact that these two go way back, and even though Tina has forced Jon to play a stupid doctor (with claws) and a cult leader (who may or may not be Don Draper), the two of them are still besties forever.

Except for the shocking revelation that Tina Fey is not actually Team Jon Hamm, and whoa, shots fired.

When you think of Jon Hamm, your mind probably drifts to a very attractive and handsome man (come on, just being honest here). However when Tina thinks of a very attractive and handsome man, her mind actually drifts to Jon’s Mad Men costar, John Slattery. According to Tina herself, the first Jon just “doesn’t do it for me at all.” The other John, though? Hell yes.

John Shearer/Contributor/Getty Images

At The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment breakfast, Jon was nice enough to come out and present the darling Tina with the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award for her stellar work over the years. Even though he was doing something nice for his friend, Tina couldn’t help but poke fun at him.

Well, we hope Tina continues to remain Team Slats for a very, very long time if it means she can Jon can continue work together. And together, with their comedy (and, ahem, good looks), the two of them can make the world a better place.