Olivia Harvey
Updated Aug 21, 2017 @ 4:39 pm

The solar eclipse might be one of the greatest phenomena we mortals can feast our eyes upon (with the proper eyewear, of course). But, as Tia Mowry reminded us via her throwback post on Instagram, the solar eclipse is also the key to unlocking the power within a famous pair of witches.

Mowry shared a still of herself and sister Tamera from their 2007 Disney Channel original movie, Twitches Too. She captioned the photo, “#eclipse #twitches Whose all watching tomorrow?” Obviously, all the Twitches fans freaked out.

If you remember the DCOM correctly, Tia and Tamera’s characters, Alex and Camryn, are under the impression that their father may still be alive in the Shadowlands.

In order to get their father back, the Twitches needed to harness the power from the solar eclipse to “open the door to the Shadowlands” and “vanquish [their] enemies from the shadow that hides them,” as the Vanquishing Spell states.

So if any of us needed to perform a Vanquishing Spell with our twin witch sister, today was certainly the day to do so!

Because it feels like we’re living in some sort of IRL Shadowlands scenario right now, Instagram wanted the Twitches to perform their spell stat!

Credit: Tia Mowry / www.instagram.com
Credit: Tia Mowry / www.instagram.com
Credit: Tia Mowry / www.instagram.com

We do really need you guys, though. Tia and Tamera, work your magic — PLEASE!

Kudos to Tia Mowry for possibly posting the best solar eclipse-themed joke of the day. A little nostalgia to go hand-in-hand with our eclipse-viewing experience really made the day that much better.