Jill Layton
April 07, 2017 1:05 pm

There’s nothing we love more than a solid throwback pic, especially when it involves friendship and adorable pigtails. Fortunately, Billie Lourd shared a sweet Instagram photo on Friday wishing one of her longtime friends a happy birthday.

The top part of the post is a pic from when the two friends were around five years old (total guess, but seems about right), and the bottom pic was taken recently. They’ve clearly been close friends for literally ever, and still look pretty much exactly the same.

Except, you know, older.

“👑2️⃣5️⃣👑 Happy #quartercentury to my #blessedbestfriendtilltheend 🎉@periodicallypresent,” she captioned the photo.

We aren’t sure of the birthday boy’s name, since we don’t want to be total creeps and stalk his Instagram page. But he posted the same throwback picture a few months ago.

He wrote, “With graceful resilience and unparalleled vitality, she inspires the world. My best friend from age 3 to infinity, lucky me ✨🙏🏾✨🙌🏾✨”

Back in July, he posted a birthday message for Lourd, and it’s just as sweet as hers.

“when i was a child an angel came to say: a true friend is coming, my warrior, to sweep you away 🌬👼🏾👼🏾👼🏾 #staytrucrü #mybestfriend #sinceagethree #itsherbirthday #andwellcryifwewantto #subtlejoy #succinctbeauty #soblessed

We totally love their friendship, even though we don’t know anything about it, except for what Instagram is telling us.

Aside from posting adorable throwback pictures, Lourd has had a pretty eventful week. It was just announced that she landed a starring role in the 7th Season of American Horror Story. We still don’t know whether or not Scream Queens is returning for a third season, but we imagine it would be hard for Lourd to work as a main character on both shows (she plays Chanel #3 on Scream Queens).

Whatever happens though, we are so happy Lourd seems to be happy and fulfilled in her career and personal life.