Rachel Charlene Lewis
February 11, 2017 1:40 pm

You guys, we just became desperate to get Shay Mitchell on Dancing With The Stars. As if we weren’t already madly in love with this Pretty Little Liars star, this video of Shay Mitchell dancing just solidified our obsession with her in a big way. Like, seriously, guys, is there anything Shay Mitchell isn’t absolutely amazing at?!

We came across this ridiculously well choreographed and beautifully filmed video of Shay Mitchell dancing on Instagram, and she is #goals AF.

She captioned the STUNNING video, writing,

Like, OMG! Girl, is there anything you aren’t ridiculously good at?! We clearly need Shay to teach us some of those moves. Remember that time Shay said she wanted to dance for Beyoncé? Like, we get it now. She’d be amazing!!

Plus, we know we can’t be the only ones having MAJOR flashbacks to that Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell dancing scene.

Literally one of our favorite PLL scenes of all time. We basically die laughing every single time we watch it! Oh, their friendship. And also, Shay’s dancing skills! Shay, whenever you’re ready to teach us how to move like you do, we’ll be ready!

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