Karen Belz
August 30, 2017 12:15 pm

While he’s done a ton of projects since, we know Mario Lopez best as A.C. Slater, one of the most popular jocks at Bayside High. Even though Saved by the Bell ended back in the ’90s, Lopez is still asked about the role that helped put him in the spotlight. And since we’ll always love ’90s television, we’re all ears for anything he has to say about it.

It turns out that Lopez has, indeed, thought about what Slater would be up to today, if the show had continued.

He was also open to talking with Us Weekly about his ultimate favorite Saved By The Bell plots. And honestly, we’d expect the fictional character of Slater to say the same thing.

Well, now we’re tempted to rewatch some of the Malibu Sands episodes.

Speaking of which, Lopez admitted that he doesn’t watch the show in reruns. Which, to us, is simply unbelievable. But his reason why is something we can give him a pass on.

Between news of Lopez’s kids not digging Saved By The Bell, and Scary Spice’s daughters not being into the Spice Girls, we just don’t know what to think. Especially since the ’90s are making such a comeback these days, in both television and fashion.

Speaking of a comeback, Lopez said that he would totally be down for a Saved By The Bell reboot. So someone needs to get the rest of the cast on the phone.