We should expect surprise weddings from celebrities, but we didn’t see this one coming. The Fast and the Furious actor Tyrese Gibson revealed to fans through his numerous social media accounts that he got hitched on Valentine’s Day. And while we don’t know too much about his new wife at the moment, we know she looked totally stunning on the day of. (We’re talking pink dress and diamond headpiece here.)

Since the pair chose the most romantic day to get married, there’s no way he’ll be forgetting his anniversary. Hey, always a plus.

Gibson has been married once before, but that union ended back in 2009. This marriage brought him a beautiful daughter named Shayla.

In the video he put together regarding the new Mrs. Gibson, the two seem extremely happy together.

He also posted a few (somewhat lengthy, but sweet) odes on his Instagram account. We’re totally digging his wife’s unique ring, which symbolizes their love.

In the caption, Gibson noted that he was trying to keep his new marriage a secret for as long as he could, but noted that along the line, beans were spilled.

Earlier on, Gibson was still trying to play the “single” card.

In this Instagram post, he wrote the following:

Interesting. Whether or not Gibson planned on revealing the information that same day that he, indeed, found his queen and married her weeks ago is yet to be determined.

That said, can’t wait to learn even more about Gibson’s new mystery wife! We hope they have many, many happy years together.