Rachel Charlene Lewis
December 19, 2016 7:50 pm
Gabriel Grams/Getty Images

Body positivity is *so* important, and you know we’re all about it. So when we saw this artist’s creation, we were so pumped. Following the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Ashley Graham shared fan art that seriously blew our minds, because, yes! A young artist drew Ashley Graham as a Victoria’s Secret Angel in honor of the annual fashion show, and, honestly, doesn’t it just make sense that Graham would be an Angel?

People regularly criticize the lack of body diversity among the Victoria’s Secret Angels, saying that most Angels have the same body type. While there’s nothing wrong with being tall and skinny, not every woman looks the same way, of course! So this illustration of a more feminist, body positive future for the Victoria’s Secret Angels is pretty heartwarming.

How ah-mazing is Ashley Graham as a Victoria’s Secret Angel?! We couldn’t be more here for this.

Graham captioned the photo,

Which made our hearts a little bit fluttery inside because, OMG, please, please, please!

In her Instagram post, artist Annie Breen explained why she felt like it was so important to have icon Ashley Graham as a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

She wrote,

Like, heck yes, lady! We couldn’t agree more.