Karen Belz
March 21, 2017 7:05 am

This story is simply proof that age is just a number. A 96-year-old Backstreet Boys fan named Adeline Stevens was able to see the group during their Larger Than Life residency in Las Vegas. Even better, she was able to meet the band.

This wasn’t the first time she rubbed shoulders with Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, and the rest of the boys. Sixteen years ago exactly, Stevens also managed to catch a BSB show.

The cool part? Littrell remembered it. He knew that Stevens looked familiar, and asked her if she’s been in the audience before. It’s kind of like a dream come true when it comes to your favorite group!

Entertainment Tonight was able to catch up with the fan, who attended the meet and greet with her granddaughter. It’s safe to say that her granddaughter was wowed by the fact that Stevens made such an impression on the boy band almost two decades ago, when she was 80. That show was at the MGM Grand Arena back in 2001.

Of course, the Backstreet Boys put on an incredible show for Stevens once again.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the band couldn’t believe that Stevens was 96. Stevens, in turn, credited the band for helping to keep her young.

Since we’re all a little curious, the show had to ask her who her favorite member is. Stevens, of course, was adorable with her answer.

The Backstreet Boys will be in Las Vegas until July 1st. If you’re as big of a fan as Adeline Stevens, you should make sure to catch them while you still can!