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Credit: Getty Images/Jim Spellman

Whether she was wearing spandex in Girls Just Want to Have Fun or jaunting around Manhattan in, well, more spandex as Sex and the City‘s Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker has always had us asking, “How does she do it?” She even starred in the movie, I Don’t Know How She Does It as if to confirm her role as one of Hollywood’s most elusive actresses. However, in a recent interview for Refinery29, SJP revealed that her secrets aren’t all that different than ours — in fact, some of Parker’s beauty secrets involve the drugstore.

Looking great doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, the star of HBO’s new show, Divorce, heads to the drugstore for some of her most prized makeup and beauty supplies.

These are some of her favorites:

1. Neutrogena Sesame Body Lotion

Credit: Walmart

SJP calls it her “family moisturizer,” and it can be found at Walmart for just under $5.

2. Coppertone Sunscreen

Credit: Amazon

Any actress whose Hollywood career has spanned over three decades (and still going strong) obviously knows how to protect their skin from the sun. Parker slathers herself in Coppertone, everyone’s drugstore staple, to do so. Find it at Amazon for $6.85.

3. Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sunscreen

Credit: Target

Yes, everyone’s favorite anti-clogging sunscreen is Sarah Jessica’s too. You can buy it at Target for $9.89.

4. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluide

Credit: Target

More moisturizer! Hmm, maybe it really is the key to timeless beauty. Yep, this product that SJP says is “like water” is only $29.99, and can be found at Target.

5. Q-Tips

Credit: Walmart

This tiny beauty tool is a big part of SJP’s beauty arsenal, and they’re so easy to find at any drugstore near you, or Walmart for just under three bucks.