Rachel Leishman
August 27, 2017 6:08 pm
Jack Taylor - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Theresa May is a powerful elected official. But just like Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau, she isn’t immune to the memes. On Twitter this week, user Gareth Baines pointed out that a photo of Britain’s Prime Minister May at Teesside looked like a new detective drama and we’re here for it!

Honestly, political memes on the Internet range from the innocent to the mocking. Justin Trudeau’s butt caused the internet to lose their mind, and Hillary Clinton’s favorite meme had the internet in an uproar. And, of course, there are all of Donald Trump’s typos that take on a mind of their own! But this picture of Theresa May gives us a little more creativity.

And now there’s Detective Theresa May.

And of course the internet had a lot of opinions on this photo. The original photo in question is just pretty epic. Everyone had their own opinions on what the show would be called and some of them seemed pretty spot on!

Some were a bit more clever than others. Like this user who called her the “defective detective.”

But of course, we couldn’t be without a few Brexit jokes thrown into the mix.

And then there were the plethora of Broadchurch references — but this user called Theresa May’s show Maychurch.

Of course, there are a lot more important things happening in the world. But fun little memes bring light to everything going on. Especially since this picture is pretty perfect for all your detective memes.

It is surprising that no one made a True Detective joke, but still, the meme is young. There is plenty of time for all the jokes to come out of this one!

You can check out more of the responses on Gareth Baines’s Twitter. And trust us, you’re going to want to. They’re pretty amazing! But really, who doesn’t want to now see Theresa May in a detective series?