Karen Belz
November 28, 2017 10:51 am

Okay, so — we had a feeling that it was truly over. But The Weeknd proved he’s no longer with Selena Gomez thanks to one very telling move — just check out his Instagram.

After you break up with someone, there’s always the hardship of figuring out what to do with the photos you’ve shared together. Sure, they reflected happier times, but they can often be painful to revisit — and they can send an unintended message to your next significant other. The Weeknd (known off-stage as Abel Tesfaye) and Gomez didn’t hide their relationship, even showcasing their adoration for each other on the red carpet a few times, but now it seems like Tesfaye is truly ready to move forward.

Not only has he recently unfollowed a lot of the people and family members that he connected with through Gomez, but he started deleting a lot of the pictures the two took together. Perhaps he’s sending a message, or maybe he’s just too hurt to see them in his feed — although it’s been rumored that he broke up with her over the phone since the relationship “lost its passion.” (Others say that it was Gomez who put the breaks on things, and many think it was simply mutual. So, perhaps we’ll never know for sure.)

As you’ve probably heard, Gomez was quick to rekindle her old relationship with singer Justin Bieber. While the two seemed to reconnect immediately around news of the split (as friends, at the very least) Gomez wasn’t quick to scrub her Instagram account.

In fact, there are still a few pictures of Gomez and Tesfaye on her account that were taken during happier times.

If you’re curious, here are the photos that Tesfaye got rid of. They’ve been preserved by a fan for the memories.

It’s a shame that these two weren’t able to work it out, as they seemed pretty happy together. But once you start deleting common acquaintances and photos on Instagram, it’s kind of a tell-tale sign that things are done for good. It seems like Gomez has found happiness again, and we wish the same good fortune to Tesfaye.