Karen Belz
Updated Nov 30, 2016 @ 6:14 am
Credit: Tibrina Hobson / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Even though The Sopranos ended almost a decade ago, it’s still relevant today — in fact, it was just referenced in the Gilmore Girls revival. Unfortunately, show star Jamie-Lynn Sigler has been battling MS for quite some time, and had been pretty quiet about the diagnosis.

MS, or Multiple Sclerosis, involves the nerves failing to communicate properly with the brain. Symptoms, which include loss of vision, loss of balance, and fatigue, can be severe in some individuals.

When Sigler first discussed it, it took the world by surprise — since at that point, she was secretly battling the disease for about 15 years. In fact, the 35-year-old actress she just decided to open up about her struggles this January.

She also admitted that working on The Sopranos sometimes got difficult. It was likely made worse, since she also hid the disease from the cast and crew.

These days, she’s much more confident with talking about it in public. And part of the reason why she wanted the world to know was due to her son, Beau Kyle Dykstra, who she had with husband Cutter Dykstra in 2013.

As she grew older, she realized that she’d hate for Beau to be secretive about something so important — especially since it might send a message to others who are suffering.

Sigler is still acting, and had a few small roles on notable television shows this year, including CSI: Cyber and Baby Daddy. We’re so happy that she’s still doing what she loves, and proving that anyone can stay strong against a diagnosis of MS.