Devan McGuinness
Updated September 20, 2016
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When you’re pregnant, there is so much unknown and variables that can happen during labor and delivery. For some women, the process can be overwhelmingly fear-filled and then there are women like Teyanna Taylor.

Many of us were introduced to Taylor after starring in Kanye West’s latest video “Fame, but she was super popular before. And if you don’t yet know this amazing woman, this will sell you on her badassery.

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The 25-year-old musician and actress recently became a mother, about 9 months ago and true Teyana fans probably already know this, but in case you weren’t aware of her birth story, listen up. During her recent visit to Wendy, hosted by Wendy Williams, she solidified her spot as someone we should all be looking up to because, y’all, she delivered her baby herself, in her own bathroom.

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Telling the story to Wendy and the audience she says the homebirth was a total surprise.

“[My husband] was trying to get me down stairs and I was like, look, I am not making it to the car so I kinda just laid on the bathroom floor.”

Taylor then explains that her daughter was born, right there on the bathroom floor, with her husband’s help catching their new baby.

They called an ambulance and while they waited for them to arrive, her husband had to tie the umbilical cord… with a Beats by Dre cord.

Watch her whole clip below because she’s someone we all need more of in our life.