Trilby Beresford
August 29, 2016 10:19 am

So ever since we saw Teyana Taylor in Kanye’s “Fade” video, we’ve been pretty obsessed with her incredible dance moves. But if you were thinking she looks mighty familiar…

It’s because she appeared in an episode of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 !!! Yup, Season 4, Episode 8. Teyana Taylor (shout out to Cosmopolitan for the reminder!). 

The description for her episode on Amazon is pretty great.

“Teyana is not your typical girl throwing a Sweet 16. She’s a sassy, one-of-a-kind New Yorker who has just been signed to Pharrell Williams (N.E.R.D.) record label and she wants her 16th birthday bash to reflect her personality.”

If you remember the show, it featured the wildest, most over-the-top teenage birthday parties you could ever dream of. Usually there was a theme, and Taylor’s episode was all about the ’80s and skateboards!

Apparently the invitations were distributed on ice cream truck, and featured a necklace with a skateboard pendant on them. WE LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS ALREADY.

You know how we mentioned that everything in this show was (gloriously) over the top? In the first scene of the episode, Taylor buys a bracelet worth a whopping $275,000. Later on, her mom rents out a venue for the party. No biggie, but it’s an ENTIRE MUSEUM. Along with a marching band. Oh yeah, and a brand new Range Rover.

Damnnnnnnn, girl. 

If you want to see 16-year-old Taylor tearing it up in true style, you can do so (in kinda poor quality) via MTV. But maybe just knowing that this happened is enough… because it’s amazing.