Alyssa Moore
Updated Sep 11, 2016 @ 9:58 am
Credit: CBS

Budget, schmudget. This is the modern age! There has to be some way to plan our spending that doesn’t involve endless and complicated Excel spreadsheets. Especially for those of us who still have to grab a calculator for simple arithmetic.

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Fortunately for us math and money-challenged individuals, one LA teen has found an ingeniously simple way to cut down on spending…

And all you need is a wallet-size photo of Terry Crews.


19-year-old Daniel, who discovered the Terry Crews trick, says that he used to be an incorrigible spender. For example, he admitted to Buzzfeed that he “once spent, like, $30 on pineapples.” (TBH, we’ve all probably felt the desire to do so at least once, even if we lacked the means.)

In general, he says he was “notorious” for spending irresponsibly on the “dumbest things.” This was bad enough when he was working his way through college, but once he lost his job (and his ID card – it’s relevant, just wait for it), he knew something had to change.So he took inspiration from one of his favorite TV shows – Everybody Hates Chris, a sitcom featuring Terry Crews as a super frugal dad named Julius.

Daniel decided to print a photo of Crews/Julius and put it in the now-empty ID slot in his wallet, because, he says, “Who’s a better financial adviser than Terry Crews?”

Daniel says the decision has helped keep him on budget and brought him internet fame. He’s gotten over 120,000 retweets from admirers and new Terry Crews budget converts in one day alone.

Terry Crews and Daniel from LA, we (and our wallets) thank you!