Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Jan 23, 2017 @ 5:50 am
tegan and sara
Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

As you may know, we have absolutely all the love for long-time faves Tegan and Sara. Also, we absolutely adore Hayley Kiyoko, an artist who’s a little newer on the scene than our beloved pop twins, but who is totally dominating our playlists right now. If you dig these talented beauties like we do, get ready to freak out, because Tegan and Sara hung out with Hayley Kiyoko and we have major FOMO.

We found out that Tegan and Sara hung out with Hayley Kiyoko when Hayley posted a pic of the epic trio on Instagram.

Like, ah!!! Number one, can we please have access to your closets? And two, why are we not all best friends?

Despite our envy, we had nothing but love when we realized *why* they were all hanging out.

Hayley explained in the photo caption,

Like, YES. We are so, so here for this message.

We were so blown away when we learned that the Tegan and Sara Foundation was a thing. It’s honestly so important that their foundation is dedicated to supporting and uplifting LGBTQ girls and women.

How amazing is that?!

ICYMI, Tegan and Sara explained,

Now that’s something we can all get behind! We’re so glad Hayley showed up to support, though it’s not surprising considering her own status as an icon among LGBTQ teens.

We’re just happy that the foundation is receiving so much love already. We’re sending even more love their way!