Credit: Instagram/Taylor Swift

This is probably obvious, but Taylor Swift has the BIGGEST heart.

She recently made a donation to Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles in honor of her godson Leo, who was diagnosed with Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA) at just 20 weeks old and underwent open heart surgery.

The donation is intended to support the ongoing efforts of the team who saved his life, led by Dr. Allistair Phillips. Leo’s mom, Jaime King, took to Instagram to thank Taylor Swift, emphasizing how the singer was a pillar of strength for their family during this difficult time.

“TS knew that by giving back in this way would be the greatest gift one could give to us, to Leo Thames and to all of those with congenital heart issues. She came to the ICU to comfort us, to hold and bond with him with such grace & strength. Our gift back is to share our story that anyone that is going through this is not alone, we understand & want to stand up to bring awareness in the greatest way possible.”

By the looks of things, she really is the best godmother a person could ask for.


Jaime also took to Twitter to spread the love even further.

This excerpt of Jaime’s Instagram caption sums up Swift’s enormously generous nature: “@taylorswift does so many selfless acts that go unnoticed because she does them silently, from such a great place of unconditional giving.”

That’s the gal we know and love! Sending all the good vibes to Jaime and her family.