Gabriela Herstik
March 03, 2017 1:12 pm

Stop what you’re doing. Taylor Swift has been doing the coolest thing and we’ve been missing it. A digital tip of the hat to Just Jared for this discovery: T.Swift has been posting hidden messages on her Instagram, screenshotting some of her favorite tracks at 13 seconds. If you know anything about the star you know how obsessed she is with her favorite number. She writes it on herself when she tours, she was born on December 13th, and both 1989 and Fearless albums all have 13 songs. So, can we say we’re surprised at this unexpected news? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean we’re not surprised at the sneaky way Taylor is supporting some of her favorite musicians.

The most recent installment in Taylor’s 13-second screenshot series is of her friend Lorde, whose new single has Taylor dancing and bopping. Beyond Lorde, Taylor’s screenshots also include Ed Sheeran, Kings of Leon and Rachel Platten, all paused at exactly 13 seconds. We love this, and yet we have no idea what it means!

Either way, we’re sure Taylor is dancing like her quirky self to all of these jams, and really, isn’t that gift enough?

Here’s to more sneaky screenshots.