2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet
Credit: Christopher Polk/ Getty Images

In the running for the best “awwww” moment of the day: Taylor Swift praised her BFF Gigi Hadid in an interview, even though she’s sort of been staying away from the spotlight to focus on her music lately. (And she’s not the only celeb songstress who’s done that; both Lana Del Rey and Lorde fell off the radar for a minute to work on their craft.) In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Taylor Swift was asked about her celebrity gal pal, and she just gushed about her.

Not only was Taylor Swift quick to say how much she values her friend’s advice, she also opened up about what a kind and lovely person she thinks Gigi Hadid is to be around, which we think is SUPER nice. We can totally relate to Taylor’s desire to expand upon how great her best friend is, because when you love and respect somebody like that, it’s hard not to!

Two years ago, Gigi told Who What Wear that being a member of Taylor’s crew was a badge of honor, saying, “We want to be known as the group of girls that are known for our kindness, rather than our cattiness.”

We totally have a friendship crush on this adorable relationship.