Taylor Swift cat Olivia
Credit: Taylor Swift / AT&T /

Ever since Taylor Swift debuted the new “dark Taylor” — we haven’t heard her speak.

Swift just uploaded several new videos from her new AT&T campaign and in one of them, she plays around with her cat Olivia Benson and calls her silly names.

Some of those nicknames for her cat are: saber tooth tiger cub, baby Wolverine, princess of meow-town, melting snowman, sloth, unicorn kitty cat, and magical Pegasus.

If this video is ANY indication, the old Taylor is most definitely not dead and is actually alive and well. Old Taylor is in her recording studio mumbling baby talk at her cat.

One of the Hallmarks of ~Old Taylor~ is how obsessed she is with her cats Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey.

This new cat video is part of Swift’s deal with AT&T for an app called Taylor Swift NOW that lets you stream a ton of Swift content. From their press release:

“Taylor Swift NOW is the ultimate Video On Demand experience for every Taylor Swift fan. Get an inside look at Taylor’s life and unique content spanning her entire career. Each chapter is packed with never seen original videos and commentary from Taylor herself, as well as concerts, special events and behind-the-scenes footage.”

It’s good to see that the old Taylor is back, but we’re very confused. Tbh, “Look Made You Made Me Do” made us feel like we should expect a goth Taylor adorned in gold Snake jewelry.

Yeah, something like THAT.