Credit: Taylor Swift /

When you’re as busy a lady as Taylor Swift is (and even when you’re not!), a good night’s sleep is absolutely crucial to function. So it’s understandable why Taylor was really upset to hear her kitty, Meredith Grey, meowing for her attention in the middle of the night.

Taylor captured the adorable moment and posted it to her Instagram, proving that Meredith was having a bit of separation anxiety from her mama, who was simply trying to catch up on some zzz’s. To make matters worse, Taylor was battling a cold and likely desperately needed to rest up before she took the stage at the Formula One World Championship this weekend.

In the video, Meredith can be heard meowing, while Taylor (in her groggy, stuffy voice!) is begging her to stop. But Meredith isn’t here for any of that, and it’s hilarious.

To make matters worse, Taylor writes that the door wasn’t even closed, so Meredith could’ve just come on in. But Meredith simply wanted Taylor’s attention, and she was going to meow until she got it.

All cat parents can relate to this, but poor Taylor seems like she really needed some rest. Still, we know that Taylor loves her cats… even when they keep her up in the middle of the night meowing.

Here’s hoping that Taylor was able to get some peace and quiet, and that she’s feeling much better.