Taylor Swift
Credit: Erika Goldring/Getty Images

One of the many reasons Taylor Swift has such devoted fans is because the superstar seems to genuinely care about each and every one of them. Over the years, Taylor has interacted with fans by showing them love on the regular through social media and IRL. And recently, Swift surprised a fan in the UK with a very special delivery.

This isn’t the first time Swift has surprised her fans with gifts. In 2014, T-Swift combed through all of the comments and likes on her Instagram page, picked a few lucky fans, and sent them hand-wrapped Christmas gifts. So, we know she’s generous towards the people who’ve supported her over the years. But this most recent trip across the pond is still pretty darn special.

The lucky superfan? An adorable girl named Lara. While Lara was in the middle of an Instagram live stream, Swift joined in (as she’s known to do — Tay loves to lurk) and commented. When Lara realized Taylor was watching, she freaked out, not realizing that was only the beginning.

In a follow-up post uploaded on Wednesday, Lara revealed that Swift had personally visited her.

Be sure to swipe through to see how things unfolded…

Swift didn’t just send her assistant out to drop a gift in the mail. Instead, she personally delivered the package herself. Lara’s package contained t-shirts and sweatshirts from the singer’s Reputation line. But we’re sure the biggest gift of all was meeting her favorite pop star.

It’s not clear why Taylor was in the UK at the time, but she does have a new album coming on November 10th, so it might have been a promotional trip. Or it could have been more pleasure than business since her boyfriend Joe Alwyn currently lives in England.

We may not know the exact reason, but we do know that our hearts are melting all over the floor because of this sweet gesture. We’re superfans too, Taylor. *hint, hint*