Karen Belz
December 05, 2016 6:19 am
Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Get ready to stare lovingly at your Twilight poster right now (it’s okay if it’s still hanging on the wall — it was a huge film.) In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Taylor Lautner admitted that he can’t wait for fatherhood. While Lautner hasn’t been super public with his dating life, the 24-year-old hasn’t appeared to be single in quite some time. Maybe that means that he’s preparing for the next step in his life — love, marriage, and some day, tiny Lautners.

Lautner is currently starring on Scream Queens, which is wrapping up its second season.

Currently, he’s promoting his new film, Run The Tide. But, when he’s not on set or out promoting his work, he’s spending time with his family. Obviously it’s very important to him, which means that he’ll likely be an incredible father someday.

So sweet.

It seems like Lautner is definitely getting a bit more serious with his roles. In fact, he had the writers of Scream Queens rework a scene or two early on this season, since he would have appeared shirtless, and figured it was likely unnecessary.

We, uh. Might disagree on that, but hey — it’s really incredible that Lautner is looking out for how he presents himself on screen. After all, his kids might be watching someday.